SIEM Services

Navigate the Threat Landscape Seamlessly with Comprehensive SIEM Services

The expanding technology landscape has increased the risk of data breach and cyber attacks. To mitigate such events, businesses today are investing significantly in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) products and solutions.

However, due to lack of skills and resource shortage, these security products are not used comprehensively and effectively. Use cases and rules are not updated in accordance with the existing threat trend which results in increased false positive events and wastage of time and effort.

How We Help

Microland offers end-to-end SIEM service for effective monitoring of security threats and events. The comprehensive solution elements of our SIEM services can be seen in Figure1

SIEM Monitoring and Management
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What You Can Expect

Our comprehensive SIEM services help you mitigate threat and cyber attacks while ensuring data security. Key outcomes of our services include:

  • Identification and elimination of advanced persistent threats through in-depth security analysis
  • Content customization for accurate identification of business security issues
  • Enabling live dashboards to provide leadership attention for security and compliance
  • Cost optimization and increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced noise of events for increased focus on real threats
  • Reduced logging level resulting in storage, EPS licensing, and EPS saving
What Sets Us Apart

Some of our differentiators in the SIEM domain include:

Proprietary smartCenter Portal

  • Microland's ITIL-based service management portal helps in reducing response and decision-making time to effectively mitigate security threats. Real-time, one-line dashboards improve visibility into operations

24/7 Security Monitoring

  • We provide round-the-clock security management governed by industry standards and best practices

Mature Workflows

  • Our well-defined processes help you respond quickly and effectively during an incident

Certified Security Experts

  • We leverage the capabilities of certified and skilled security experts to deliver unmatched quality of service