Application optimization on Cloud

The move from a Forklift approach to an Application-down cloud transformation

With the rapid development and adoption of Cloud technologies, business enterprises see Cloud not only as a technology shift, but also as a powerful driver to maximize customer value. However as organizations take up their cloud journeys, they are resisted with challenges associated with lift-and-shift/forklift migrations. There are losses in application functionalities, performance degradations resulting in a higher TCO.

Organizations are increasingly realizing that forklift migrations are not the best-fit solution for a cloud movement and they need to take an application-down approach (involving re-coding, refactoring of applications) for cloud transformations.

How We Help

Microland’s comprehensive Application Optimization on Cloud Services address the challenges associated with forklift migrations and help customers in their Digital journey by providing a bi-directional view of both applications as well as infrastructure migrations in order to achieve a business-oriented, risk-free & high velocity transformation.

Application optimization on Cloud
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What You Can Expect

As a specialist cloud transformation services provider, Microland enables an efficient, agile & stable transformation of applications to cloud. Our services enable:

  • Risk-free high velocity migration: Our standardized proprietary frameworks and accelerators ensure a right-fit migration strategy aligned to your business goals
  • Enhanced application performance on cloud: Our effective transformation & optimization solutions enable improved responsiveness of your application portfolio on cloud
  • Automation and analytics: Our automation and analytics driven initiatives such as dashboard reporting, process optimizations, continual service improvements ensure an easier, transparent and cost-optimized application environment re-modeling
What Sets Us Apart

Microland is a trusted partner for your Digital journey in the current complex Hybrid IT environment. Given our strong heritage on cutting edge platforms, our top down application-focused offerings provide a superior transformation roadmap to maximize the ROI of your cloud investments.

  • Proven & holistic cloud transformation approach:
    • Our proven methodologies and standardized processes involving a bi-directional view of cloud transformation - an integrated approach to applications & infrastructure migration - enable rapid deployment, optimal tuning and effective management of the entire application ecosystem
  • Extensive global experience:
    • We have over 25 years of experience in providing cloud & application management services, spanning across consulting, designing, transformation services across domains and geographies
  • Expertise and certification:
    • Our focused Centre of Excellence, comprising OEM-certified experts including administrators, architects and consultants, provides expert solutions for complex business needs
    • Our suite of ‘smart’ analytics products and extensive automation experience enable leaner, efficient solutions at optimized costs