Application Packaging Services

Accelerate Turn-Around and Agility with Efficient Application Packaging

An increasingly connected marketplace is making application distribution and management a serious challenge for enterprises. Mounting operational demands and scarce IT resources add to this complexity. To simplify the maintenance and enable greater portability of applications, enterprises are now turning to application virtualization / packaging.

It enables enterprises to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) per client by means of standardizing application configuration and wrapping the application binaries through tools and technologies for effective means of distributing, loading, supporting, and upgrading the applications.

How We Help

Microland's Application Packaging services (see Figure 1) enable efficient distribution and management of applications to the end user environment. Delivered through a specialized environment known as the ‘Industrialized Application Factory’, our services enable flexible, standardized application management.

Application Management Sercices
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Figure 2 highlights our systematic application virtualization methodology.

Application Virtualization/Packaging Methodology
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What You Can Expect

Microland's KPI-driven application management services leverage a judicious combination of unique methodologies, tools, and global expertise. Key outcomes include:

  • Early ROI with 90% of delivery-related tasks handled offshore, thereby minimizing client investment. Mutualization and scale up further optimizes cost, thereby enabling early ROI realization
  • Improved flexibility enabled by hybrid delivery model allowing flexible resource ramp up and down
  • Optimized, flexible pricing through unit based engagement model that lets you pay-as-you-go
  • Enhanced preparedness enabled by factory-based service delivery model ensuring quicker turn-around time
What Sets Us Apart

Microland's unique Services-led IT framework is the backbone of our service delivery methodology. Our other key differentiators include:

Turnkey assets:

  • Pre-defined, proprietary assets such as the Industrialized Application Factory, specialized tools, established governance model, and mature processes reduce turn-around time while ensuring predictable, consistent quality throughout the service lifecycle

Global Alliances:

  • Alliances with top industry players such as Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, App DNA, Symantec, Flexera, and others enable us to provide training, licensing, solutioning, and product support

Scalable Business Model:

  • Our scalable infrastructure and tools accelerate the deployment of new services with enhanced agility and cost efficiency