Rev Up IT with Automation led Service Delivery Approach

Improve Business Outcomes. Enhance Agility. Rapidly Adopt New Technology.

Taming the digital storm requires an agile IT that can establish itself as a business enabler. A thorough IT transformation to optimize operational efficiencies and improve business outcomes remains the top agenda of organizations today, but multiple challenges come in the way such as:

  • How can I enhance end-user experience?
  • I have a dynamic application ecosystem. How can I boost its uptime?
  • How can I ensure that application releases are timely and without any production issues?
  • Reinventing IT is costing me $XXXXX. How can I optimize the cost while improving IT efficiencies?

Automation is a hygiene factor in today's service delivery environments but it is not enough to meet these challenges. It needs to provide value on multiple fronts. The need of the hour is to have Automation as the driving factor for delivering IT services enabling business agility, service predictability, cost effectiveness and enhanced user experience.

Microland's Automation led Service Delivery follows this principle and makes Automation solution as central to Service delivery. For example, service requests are first addressed via self service automation options and only the exceptions are handled by experts. Similarly, low priority incidents are addressed through automation and problem solving, high priority incidents is best left to senior experts.

Automation implementations are preceded by applications of Microland consulting frameworks to ensure that the right automation initiatives are identified and prioritized with detailed ROI analysis, roadmap and implementation plan. Automation benefits are linked to service delivery outcomes and the benefit KPIs are monitored, measured and reported to ensure that the impact of Automation is measured in a tangible manner. This ensures that implementations provide the desired results.

Automation led Service Delivery approach is applicable to all domains be it Application operations, Datacenter operations, Cloud, Messaging etc. The automation solutions are tailored to the domain to ensure that the impact is high. This is addressed by a thorough knowledge of the automation tools and technologies in the domain and their interactions with IT applications and infrastructure. For example, an automation solution in the end user services space will comprise of self service automation encapsulating end user processes and integration with AD, Exchange/ O365 environments with performance measurement reports/ dashboards.

What is at the heart of our Automation led Service Delivery?

"With Next-Gen technologies taking centre stage, a balance between traditional IT and Next-Gen IT can spell success. We develop an automation roadmap based on the key characteristics such as reliability in traditional IT(linear mode) and agility in Next-Gen IT (non-linear mode) enable automation across all IT domains. By deploying automation processes such as ITIL V3 based process for linear mode and DevOps for non-linear mode environments, we transform your IT service delivery." Figure 1 describes our automation service delivery, its applications across domains, consulting frameworks used, automation architecture, and capabilities.


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What do you achieve?

Microland's Automation led Service Delivery Model delivers significant competitive advantage by enabling:

  • Faster release cycle through automation across build, release and change cycle
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Reduced human error
  • Higher application and infrastructure availability
  • Reduced cost by SOP automation and tool reuse
  • Enhanced user experience via self-service
Automation is on everyone's mind. So what makes us different?

Microland has facilitated service transformation for its various customers through automation initiatives. Microland's Automation led Service Delivery is differentiated by proprietary technologies and products including:

smartCenterTM: smartCenterTM is Microland's proprietary SaaS based service automation platform that enables end-to-end IT service management in an industrialized manner. smartCenterTM draws on Microland's decade long global experience

smartThink: smartThink is Microland's Operations Analytics Platform comprising of a Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine and based on Big Data frameworks like Spark.

In addition to the same, Microland has a vast library of the following across multiple domains:

  • Monitoring threshold KPIs
  • Process workflow library
  • Knowledge article library for incident resolution
  • KPI library for managing performance and availability

These libraries encapsulate the knowledge accumulated across multiple customers over varied geographies and technology domains.

We got proof!

Delivering Real Business Value

  • A Fortune 20 multinational conglomerate used Microland's services to automate messaging and collaboration, network device management, and server builds for improved service predictability and cost optimization
  • A global mobile device insurer boosted IT service agility and predictability by reducing provisioning time of service stack, service development, and release