AWS Lifecycle Services

Get away from Status quo through Superior Management of Amazon Web Services

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way organizations perceive IT infrastructure. In the wake of rapidly changing consumer demands, the cloud delivers on-demand scalability to businesses, without having to worry about hardware and software management.

However, challenges abound in selecting the right cloud platform, service provider and managing workloads, amongst other things. AWS Lifecycle services enable seamless migration and management of workloads on the cloud, while ensuring cost containment and efficiency.

How We Help

Microland's AWS Lifecycle services (see Figure 1 for details) help you migrate to the cloud with minimal risk, while improving security and compliance.

AWS services
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Our deep domain expertise helps address key challenges including:

  • Selecting and migrating the right workloads to maximize your AWS investments
  • Ensuring efficient AWS environment management with enhanced compliance
  • Leveraging AWS for DevOps

Our AWS Lifecycle services leverage proprietary frameworks and tools:

Now2Cloud Consulting Framework

This framework drives superior decisions on cloud technology roadmap and implementation. It analyzes the current IT environment and its interdependencies using a range of techniques that include interviews, surveys and automated tools, before deriving an optimal solution.


This management toolset continuously identifies and exploits cost optimization opportunities by enforcing specific governance and compliance requirements on AWS infrastructure. Its two key features are:

  • Cost Management - smartGovern identifies and plugs potential cost leakage points, and constantly updates its rule-engine with changes in cost, AWS best practices, and other insights. Its intelligent dashboard provides actionable insights, facilitating enhanced decisions
  • Compliance Management - smartGovern ensures adherence to enterprise-specific governance and compliance requirements


This DevOps tool manages your build-to-release lifecycle by integrating the AWS environment with self-service provisioning, custom blueprints, workflows and project budget control, amongst other things.

AWS Management
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What You Can Expect

Microland's AWS Cloud Lifecycle services leverage a combination of proprietary assets, best practices, and certified specialists. Tangible outcomes include:

  • Seamless migration with minimal risk and downtime
  • Reduced deployment cycle time for new services and applications
  • Enhanced agility, enabling nimble business decisions
  • Improved security and compliance
  • Optimized infrastructure provisioning
What Sets Us Apart

Our unique differentiators include:

Customized solutions

  • We meet your specific needs in managing workloads on AWS cloud

Proprietary assets

  • Now2Cloud Consulting Framework, smartGovern and smartDevOps accelerate migration and management of workloads on the cloud, thereby optimizing ROI

Extensive expertise

  • Our certified AWS professionals specialize in end-to-end IT infrastructure management for global customers