Batch and Workload Management

Leverage Workload and Batch Automation for Agile IT Operations

Datacenter operations and workload processing are undergoing rapid transformation in the wake of emerging trends like consumerization of IT, Big Data, analytics, enterprise mobility and movement to the cloud. Traditional batch processing and job scheduling solutions are fast losing relevance as these often run a limited set of jobs and require manual intervention. With the increasing complexity of IT infrastructure and exponential growth in processing volumes, organizations are discovering merits of workload automation to standardize file/data transfers, workflows, applications, and processes.

How We Help

Microland's Batch and Workload Automation services are designed to enhance business agility through consolidation of batch scheduling across platforms and heterogeneous IT environments. Figure 1 highlights the components of our workload management services.

Batch and Workload Management
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What You Can Expect

Microland leverages its solid expertise across tools and platforms to deliver tangible business outcomes such as:

  • Improved cost efficiencies enabled by better utilization of resources
  • Reduced manual intervention and error proofing of operations through automation of daily, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks
  • Increased IT agility to respond to business demands
What Sets Us Apart

Being an IT infrastructure services specialist, Microland brings to the table some unique advantages including:

Vast Experience

  • Microland is currently handling batch job automation across more than 10 technologies in a 24x7 service window. We also have ample capabilities to perform code-level troubleshooting and incident resolution

In-depth Knowledge of Industry Best Practices

  • Microland works by integrating the platform with ITSM Tools to ensure linkage to ITIL Incident Management best practices to be integrated in case of job failures

Competence on Diverse Technologies

  • Microland has skilled professionals to support application/batch jobs that require capabilities across multiple technologies such as Java, .Net, C#, DOS batch scripting, SQL, Oracle, Middleware, Windows and UNIX. Our team is well versed in using tools such as Control-M and Automate which can be integrated into our service delivery platform smartCenter and other leading ITSM tools