Demystifying the Why, What and How of Chatbots

Chatbot is one of the most trending tech buzzwords. But Chatbots have been around for quite some time.





Eliza was one of the early natural language processing program which simulated a mock Rogerian psychotherapist. And now we have Siri, Google Now, Alexa, etc. which are new and improved versions of Chatbots or Virtual Assistants.

Revolutionizing the SD-WAN Game with smartBranch

As businesses grow across various geographical locations, new sites need to be added to their corporate network. This poses a challenge when enterprises need to add multiple locations to the network and they have to rely on traditional hardware-based networking. For starters, traditional WANs are unable to respond with the speed at which businesses grow and have long change intervals along with non-resilient architecture. Moreover, as the network grows, so do the costs of the bandwidth upgrades of MPLS circuits and refresh of customer premise equipment.


Monitoring is a critical component of openstack administration. A firm hold of reporting will allow administrators to assess the state of openstack environment and maintain it without crisis.

Infrastructure and Kernel Metrics

Monitoring openstack infrastructure starts with infrastructure and kernel metrics. The following metrics should be monitored on all controller, compute, storage and network nodes:

Pragmatic Approach to Hybrid IT (Infrastructure)

Enterprises are keen to jump onto the cloud bandwagon but the approach must be realistic. Hybrid IT presents itself as the right solution. The journey begins with understanding what Hybrid IT stands for, the management and monitoring aspects, evaluation of use cases, and finally deciding the approach based on long-term objectives and business viability. 

The Rise of Desktop Virtualization Transformation

The market for enterprise IT typically demands solutions that will help cut costs and connect workforce across diverse locations. This enables greater flexibility while improving productivity. Desktop virtualization has become popular because it reproduces enterprise systems remotely and provides seamless access to data. This allows companies to employ globally, while their workers may be diversely equipped, with mobiles, laptops, and tablets, which use a variety of local platforms and operating systems.

Infrastructure-as-a-Code: A guide for Decision Makers

Infrastructure-as-a-code is redefining IT infrastructure management as it yields lower downtime and errors and faster deployment leading to favorable business outcomes.

Constantly changing business environment is driving enterprises to adopt newer technologies in order to sustain and grow. Adoption of DevOps is a sign of enterprises’ need to adapt and respond quicker to changing business scenarios. Enterprises of all sizes from large to medium and small are embracing DevOps in a bid to remain competent and cater to customer needs.

Endpoint Security—Are You Ready for Advanced Breaches & Attacks?

Within an enterprise network, any unprotected device can put the company at serious risk of reputation damage. Threats can emerge from unauthorized access, and the entry of viruses and malware. More recently, companies also fear ransomware and worms. Endpoint security pertains to various endpoints on a network, such as tablets, smart phones, laptops, PCs and servers.

Why now?

SD-WAN – All you need to know about the next big thing in enterprise networking and why you will use it eventually

The latest buzz word in the enterprise circuit has been SD-WAN. It is an extension of software-defined networking (SDN) technology applied to WAN connections of enterprise networks such as data centers or branch offices distributed across large distances. SD-WAN creates an overlay to optimize bandwidth. It does so by directing WAN traffic through the best route to and from data centers or branch offices.

Ransomware - Pirates of the World Wide Web

In the last few years, the IT landscape has changed dramatically. Cybersecurity threats are ubiquitous and it is not something that is going to go away. We hear new stories every day in which a ransomware or virus has hit an organization, paralyzing its systems and causing damage to its reputation, revenues and trust. A good example was the recent ransomware attack by the name WannaCrypt which infected many industries and left them paralyzed.