I don’t know what I want, but I know that I am not getting it

POSTED BY : Director - Marketing, Alliances & Analyst Relations
Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I am sure you have heard this many times from your customers. This has become the harsh reality for CIOs and CTOs now with the economic crisis and the proliferation of cloud offerings.

The CIO / CTO has the onerous task of ensuring a dynamic, reliable and always-on IT infrastructure with drastically reduced CAPEX and OPEX budgets. The proliferation of solutions on offer, with each claiming that their solution is the most apt one, is bound to confuse even the most clear-minded person. Should they opt for a public cloud or should it be a private cloud solution? What should be moved to the cloud? What are the risks and how much will it save for the organization? All these are bound to throw up the above refrain.

Vendor-neutral or product-neutral solution providers (Gartner calls them Cloud Service Brokers – and we will refer to them as CSB) have a major role to play in enabling their end customers to get the best bang for their buck.

The CSB needs to

  • Leverage their experience and knowledge of IT infrastructure operations and combine it with their awareness of the capabilities of each offering to provide the most optimal solution
  • Innovate and create their own IP and offer value-added services to ensure that their customers make the right decisions

The CSB needs to play an advisory role by providing assessment, design, deployment, and migration services. They should implement effective governance and design metrics to drive productivity gains from the deployed solution.

Once this falls in place, the stressed-out CIO and CTO will experience great relief. And the refrain will become forgotten and redundant..

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Pradeep Menon
Director - Marketing, Alliances & Analyst Relations
Cloud Computing