Integrated Service Management - Your Competitive Edge

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let us look at today’s business and market realities. An uncertain market environment. Increasing levels of global competition. Rapid technology advancement. Demanding customers. Entry of disruptive new players in the market. Plus, the current economic pressures that demand higher revenue growth and margins at lower operating costs.

Clearly, the situation poses both as a wake up call to and a potential opportunity for the role of IT services.

Needed, an agile and adaptive IT services support

Organizations need to innovate more rapidly and roll out new services and products to keep ahead of both challenges and competition. Enterprise CIOs should exploit rapid technological advancements to make their IT systems more agile, innovative and cost effective.

Traditional IT support systems work as silhouettes to generate ad-hoc solutions based on data silos. This leads to fragmented end-user experiences and  slower ‘time-to-market‘ for new services. Dependencies on manual processes increase costs and inefficiencies to impede service launches.

The introduction of complex IT networks, advanced IT applications and next-generation networks has made employees more dependent on IT services to deliver business value. The complex needs of users have resulted in a proliferation of products and services that are more frequently modified and have more logical layers. It is, therefore no longer sufficient just to manage the technology or device; there is a need to manage service as an entity in its own right, throughout its entire lifecycle and history. 

Integrated Service Management (ISM) – a game changing edge?

 Every organization has important business processes underpinned by IT services, and every IT service has constraints that limit its performance. To manage the performance of the entire system, constraints need to be identified and efficiently managed.

ISM, a framework for managing IT like a business, sees technology components as an integral part of the service that IT provides to business. It provides a staged and disciplined approach towards embracing both the technical and non-technical aspects of IT services. By its very definition, it makes the role of an IT services manager both essential and critical.

Enabling automation of the entire service lifecycle

An integrated approach to service management helps service providers manage and automate the full lifecycle of their services - from fulfillment to assurance and back, and from the customer to the network. It means that any request – order, trouble ticket or change request – can be processed on a single platform, using the same methodology, tools and interfaces. It links IT and business, and spans both legacy and next-generation IT technologies. The benefits in embracing an integrated service management approach include

  • Help service providers migrate from legacy to next-generation OSS
  • Streamline information flow between IT services and business services
  • Provide a unified platform for all service management processes
  • Increase efficiency and flexibility
  • Reduce cost of ownership and time-to-market
  • Minimize risk
  • Significantly reduce integration costs
  • Be agile to allow changes to be applied more easily and efficiently
  • Support increased automation, which reduces costs and speeds up service launches and fulfillment processes

Smartcenter, Microland’s service management platform, helps CIOs transform enterprise IT by efficiently managing and automating the full lifecycle of their services. It achieves this by aligning IT goals with business goals and provides a single platform that integrates fulfillment and assurance processes across both legacy and next-generation ITSM technologies.

Agile organizations that can respond to internal and external changes in a unified manner and increase momentum simultaneously will be game-changers, driving both speed-to-market and speed-to-delivery. ITSM provides far-reaching visibility and adaptability to differentiate organizations in a fast changing service industry.

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Sandeep Boda
Services Marketing Manager - Cloud Computing
Infrastructure Management