Change and Release Management

Optimize Your Change and Release Management. Mitigate Risk, Elevate Performance

Modern enterprise IT is transforming rapidly with change becoming more a norm than an exception. Ever-changing consumer demands in today's Social, Mobility, Analytics, and Content/Commerce/Collaboration (SMAC) era are making it challenging for businesses to adhere to strict change and release control processes. The growing need for enabling dynamic changes while ensuring security, compliance, and risk control is making enterprises adopt effective change and release management services.

How We Help

Microland's Change and Release Management services (see Figure 1) come as a natural extension of our core capabilities in ITIL, IT Service Management, and DevOps.

Change and Release Management
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What You Can Expect

We deliver tangible outcomes such as:

  • Reduced human dependency and scope of errors through automation
  • Accelerated time to market through standardization of services
  • Significant revenue benefits enabled by availability of new features and early resolution of problems
  • Overall cost reduction through minimized manpower and time wastage. Improved business efficiency through implementation of Lean and Six Sigma
What Sets Us Apart

Our domain differentiators include:

ITIL-based Application Change and Release Management Process

  • Enabled by our proprietary service delivery platform smartCenter - the process encapsulates change initiation, impact/ risk assessment, categorization and prioritization, approval from Change Advisory Board (CAB), scheduling, rollback plan, release, and post-implementation review. It also integrates with Incident Management and Problem Management as well CI information in the CMDB

Seamless DevOps Environment Management

  • smartDevOps - our proprietary toolset automates the complete development to release cycle. It enables self-service provisioning, custom blueprints and workflows, project budget control, etc., and can be leveraged by developers, testers, development managers, and DevOps administrators

Tools Competence

  • We support configuration management tools such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Source code management tools such as Git, Github, Subversion, PVCS, VSS, Integration tools such as Jenkins, Service management tools, smartCenter tools like DevOps and GRC, and build automation tools