Cloud Consulting Services

Reap the Cloud's Sky-high Potential with Comprehensive Cloud Consulting Services

As enterprises move to the cloud for all their computing needs, multiple decisions need to be taken at various stages evaluating the ideal cloud environment, identifying the best-fit cloud-based service provider, workloads to be migrated, and selecting the right tools and technology stacks for implementation.

Migration to the cloud requires diligent planning, assessment, and a well-defined approach to ensure seamless and error-free transition with minimal business impact.

How We Help

Our cloud consulting services leverage our proprietary Now2Cloud consulting framework. This addresses enterprises concerns in creating a cloud strategy roadmap for seamless transition.

  • Which workloads are ideal candidates for migration to cloud?
  • What will be the ideal cloud environment - public, private, or hybrid?
  • Which cloud technology solution will provide the optimal TCO/ROI?
  • What changes would be required in processes and organization structure?
  • How will the hybrid IT environment be managed?
  • What should be the cloud adoption roadmap, aligned to business needs?

Now2Cloud assesses the cloud readiness of your organization with respect to application workloads, infrastructure services, and IT operations for a target cloud environment.

The framework is a set of methods and tools that capture a range of information across the technology landscape, business needs, compliance and security requirements, as well as operational challenges. Assessment is undertaken in a comprehensive, structured and objective manner, significantly reducing time and effort.

The key outputs derived from this framework (see Figure 1 for details) provide a vendor-agnostic view of your readiness and enablement.

Cloud consulting services
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What You Can Expect

Our cloud consulting services deliver:

  • Roadmaps for error-free, seamless cloud migration in minimal downtime
  • Assessment of total cost of ownership (TCO) using quantitative assessment tools
  • Phased transition ensuring minimal business impact
  • Vendor and technology agnostic solutions to maximize ROI
What Sets Us Apart

From strategy through execution, we enhance alignment between business and IT to maximize agility and optimize costs, so you can realize the true benefits of cloud. Key differentiators include:

Proprietary Assets:

  • Now2Cloud consulting framework assesses the right cloud technology for your business requirements, reducing time taken for the same

Deep Expertise:

  • Professionals experienced in providing end-to-end cloud consulting services ensure a smooth transition

Customized Solutions:

  • Being vendor and technology-agnostic and asset-light, we provide customized solutions to address specific needs