Compute Build-as-a-Service

Revamp Your Server Infrastructure with provisioning and Decommissioning Services

Building hybrid IT infrastructure and datacenter consolidations are on every CIO's agenda today. But most such ambitious projects suffer time and cost overruns due to challenges in provisioning, building, and decommissioning the underlying server infrastructure.

How We Help

Microland's Compute Server Build-as-a-Service (see Figure1) addresses these challenges and helps enterprises consolidate their server environment by taking end-to-end ownership of the server farm build process right from server sizing, to procurement, to building application-ready configurations.

Compute Build as a Service
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What You Can Expect

Our Compute Server Build-as-a-Service delivers the following outcomes:

  • SLA-driven, reduced cycle time for server build and decommissioning with guaranteed SLAs
  • Seamless migration ensuring minimal data loss
  • Utilization audit of existing server farms and recommendations on workload migrations and virtualizations to boost utilization, thereby reducing physical server footprints and overall TCO
What Sets Us Apart

Our Compute Server Build-as-a-Service is backed by key differentiators such as:

Industrialized factory methodology:

  • We leverage robust processes, end-to-end process automation, and remote management tools such as putty for Linux / Unix and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for Windows environments

One-stop shop with end-to-end SLAs:

  • We eliminate governance and coordination challenges by taking complete ownership of managing multiple service chain partners, hardware suppliers, and internal teams

Predictable, unit pricing:

  • There is a fixed price per unit, isolated from inefficiencies of cost overruns in a complex business process. Payment is incurred only for the actual number of servers commissioned / decommissioned, despite monthly variations in workloads