Database Management

Agile, Secure, and Stable: The Efficient Approach to Data Management

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, data is increasingly assuming the role of being the heart for most businesses. As organizations struggle to stay relevant in such a competitive scenario, an optimized data & reporting environment is becoming a necessity for most enterprises. It is therefore imperative to manage and leverage data assets efficiently & optimally to ensure consistent and meaningful data insights leading to enhanced business performance and availability.

However, the exponential growth of data, rise in technological complexities and the increasing need for agile responsiveness to business needs is leading to mounting challenges for organizations to efficiently manage their disparate, complex data portfolios.

How We Help

Our comprehensive Data Services (see Figure 1) encompass the entire spectrum of Discover, Transform and Operate. We help architect and optimize complex infrastructure data solutions across all major technologies on-premise and on-cloud. In addition, we leverage proven methodologies and standardized assets to deploy highly modular and customizable delivery processes that are aligned with specific business needs.

database management
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What You Can Expect

As a specialist IT services provider, our extensive experience enable optimization, transformation and efficient management of databases across multiple database technologies. Our database services enable you to:

  • Enhance agility: Our customer-focused, business-need aligned solutions enable improved responsiveness and disaster vigilance
  • Increase service availability: Our effective performance management methodologies improves uptime and availability of data ecosystems
  • Build robust data architecture: Our services aid in quick and effortless setup of multi-tenant data infrastructure
  • Provide comprehensive support: Our services support all major database technologies on-premise or on-cloud across flexible delivery models and support windows
  • Automation and Analytics: Our automation and analytics driven initiatives such as dashboard reporting, process optimizations, continual service improvements through left-shifts ensure easier and cost-optimized data environment management
What Sets Us Apart

Our targeted, centralized, and standardized delivery approach ensures optimized returns from your data investments. We bring the following distinct advantages to every engagement:

Extensive global experience:

  • We have over 25 years of experience in providing database management services, spanning across consulting, designing, migrating services across domains and geographies

Expertise and certification:

  • Our focused Database Centre of Excellence, comprising OEM-certified experts including administrators, architects and consultants, provides expert solutions for complex business needs
  • Our suite of ‘smart’ analytics products and extensive automation experience enable leaner, efficient solutions at optimized costs

Proven and customized methodologies:

  • Our proven methodologies and standardized processes enable rapid deployment, optimal tuning and effective management of the entire data ecosystem