Database Management Services

Agile, Secure, and Stable: The Efficient Approach to Database Management

At the heart of any business are applications. Large volumes of application data are supported by databases that are critical to "enterprises' core business operations." It is therefore imperative to manage these databases effectively to ensure optimal performance, consistency, easy accessibility of data, and business continuity.

However, given the exponential growth of databases, enterprises face mounting challenges in managing their increasingly scaling and complex data portfolios.

How We Help

Our comprehensive Database Management services (see Figure 1) cover the entire spectrum of design, build and operate and help architect complex infrastructure solutions for databases across different technologies. We leverage proven methodologies and standardized assets to deploy highly modular and customizable delivery processes that are aligned with your specific business needs.

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What You Can Expect

As a specialist IT infrastructure services provider, we have a wealth of experience in integrating multiple database technologies with wide ranging infrastructure assets. Our database services enable you to:

  • Enhance agility: Our services offer dynamic solutions that improve responsiveness and disaster preparedness
  • Increase service availability: Efficient performance management across different database technologies improves uptime
  • Build robust data architecture: We help rapidly and effortlessly set up multi-tenant data infrastructure
  • Streamline management: Efficiently consolidated databases simplify administration
  • Provide comprehensive support: Our services support a wide range of technologies including SQL, Oracle, MySQL and others
What Sets Us Apart

Our service-led IT framework drives a targeted, centralized, and standardized delivery approach based on maturity assessment of your existing data landscape. We bring the following distinct advantages to every engagement:

Extensive global experience:

  • We have over 25 years of experience in providing database management services, either as standalone or part of end-to-end IT infrastructure management, across domains and geographies

Expertise and certification:

  • Our talent pool of OEM-certified consultants provides expert datacenter consulting solutions

Proven and customized methodologies:

  • Our proven methodologies and standardized processes enable rapid deployment, thus saving significant time and effort