Datacenter Consolidation Services

Get More Out of Your Datacenter Investments

Datacenter consolidation requires time and extensive effort in coordinating multiple teams and stakeholders. However, the payoffs can be substantial. It drives compelling cost and operational efficiencies by reducing the IT footprint of the organization at several levels such as servers, applications, storage, and databases.

How We Help

Microland's Datacenter Consolidation services leverage industry-proven methodologies and proprietary standardized assets to enhance IT infrastructure efficiencies. For instance, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-based frameworks are used to augment delivery while The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)-based models are used for design and architecture. Our Datacenter Consolidation Playbook helps map your requirements effectively and plan a robust consolidation exercise. The services include re-engineering your datacenter operations processes so that they are highly modular and perfectly aligned with your business needs to drive agility and maximize returns. Figure 1 highlights our four-step approach to datacenter consolidation.

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What You Can Expect

An agile IT footprint is critical to providing efficient operational support and maximizing returns on IT investments. Our Datacenter Consolidation services help you achieve this objective and provide several benefits including:

  • 30-50% increase in efficiencies in the deployed IT footprint
  • 20-25% reduction in the cost of datacenter operations
  • Reduced human errors enabled by higher levels of automation
What Sets Us Apart

Microland's services-led IT framework drives a centralized and standardized approach to the management of IT assets by measuring the maturity of your existing landscape. Some of the unique differentiators that we bring to the table include:

Turnkey assets:

  • Our pre-built assets and toolkits enable us to develop a customized approach best suited to your business and compliance requirements, resulting in faster realization of benefits

In-depth experience:

  • We have successfully executed several datacenter consolidation projects with minimal disruption to business. A team of OEM-certified consultants with over 20,000 man-hours of experience work with you as part of the Datacenter Consulting team to ensure secure data consolidation

Scalable models:

  • Our consolidation services scale according to your requirements, enabling your IT team to focus on high-value activities and accelerate the deployment of new services