Datacenter Migration Services

Simplify Complex Migrations and Accelerate Technology Deployment

The datacenter is at the heart of an enterprise's success. It powers operational tasks and fulfills the organization's IT requirements. Dynamic business scenarios such as mergers and acquisitions, segregation of business units, and adoption of new technologies demand seamless datacenter migration for superior availability and responsiveness.

However, datacenter migration is a time-consuming exercise that requires extensive planning and methodical execution. Increasing adoption of digital technologies and the exponential growth in data has increased the complexity of datacenter migration. Done well, it can completely transform the operational environment and future-proof the organization for success. Given the complexity involved, you need the support of the right partner to create winning business advantages in such exercises.

How We Help

Our vast industry expertise and extensive experience across platforms, technologies, and geographies enables us to develop customized migration plans aligned with your business goals. Our Datacenter Migration services provide actionable technology asset plans and migration workbooks (see Figure 1). Leveraging our services-led IT framework, we build modular delivery plans that take the load off your IT team. Our proprietary Datacenter Migration Toolkit and Playbook help map your requirements for a seamless migration.

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What You Can Expect

Our comprehensive Datacenter Migration services lay the groundwork for your business continuity and help achieve day-to-day operational efficiencies. Key benefits of our services include:

  • Accelerated deployment of new technologies
  • Access to heterogeneous systems
  • Minimized risk and downtime
  • Reduced costs
  • Seamless execution
  • Holistic view of data for optimal migration
What Sets Us Apart

Our services-led IT framework drives a customized and standardized approach to delivery. From the time we measure the maturity of your IT environment through design and deployment, we apply differentiators that give you the following competitive advantages:

Proven methodologies:

  • Our pre-developed methods and standardized assets enable tailor-made delivery processes designed to fulfill your business objectives

Extensive experience:

  • Our in-depth experience across various platforms helps us execute a wide range of datacenter migration projects ranging from simple ones involving a few servers to complex migrations across geographies

On-demand scalability:

  • Our datacenter services are designed to offer on-demand scalability to address your dynamic business needs. This enables your IT team to focus on high value activities and accelerate deployment of new services for a competitive edge