Deployment Factory

The Factory Model Approach to Migrating Infrastructure, Applications, and Processes.

This is no one-off scenario. This is your regular technology landscape going forward. While migration is imperative to stay on top of the technology bandwagon, enterprises face critical challenges, which include:

  • Migrating 100,000 users to 0365 in three months - Their environments have multiple business units with different security requirements, archival mechanisms and limited schedule predictability
  • Consolidating datacenters - Commissioning and decommissioning servers predictably when load varies from 25 to 500 per month, without incurring high fixed costs
  • Checking 4,000 applications for Win 10 readiness and remediating them with little clarity since the technology is new

Most migrations depend heavily on the knowledge and skill of consultants and almost always experience time and cost overruns, in addition to quality issues. Further, variable loads and a plethora of technologies for short duration projects makes it tough to ensure predictable performance at predefined costs.

So is there a way to migrate on time, within budget, and without risk? Microland’s Migration and Deployment Factory helps you do just that.

The factory is a multi-tenant, ready-to-use service for migrating infrastructure, applications, or business processes. Designed to offer a no-frills service with optional add-ons, it is implemented as a standardized, automated, configurable, and scalable service.

What goes into the Migration and Deployment Factory?

As part of our industrialized services practice, Microland offers services as described in Figure 1.

Microland Industrialized Services

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What do you achieve and how do we make that happen?

We provide strategic advantage to enterprises to adopt new technologies by delivering:

  • Consistent high quality and cost-effective service delivery - KPI-driven with 90% delivery originating offshore
  • Reduced deployment cycle times - Delivered through automated workflows of repetitive tasks , use of platforms and tools
  • Ability to handle variable workloads - Over 50 deployable resources with additional capacity available on demand; Alliances with industry leaders such as Microsoft, App DNA, VMware etc.
  • Automated dashboards - Unified view of project status
  • Workflow optimization - Vast knowledge base built on multi-client experience
  • Standardized processes - Enhanced productivity, reliability, and repeatability
  • Flexible pricing models, including pay-per-use, transaction-based options
We Have Proof !

Delivering Real Business Value

  • A leading global technology products company leveraged Microland's Deployment and Migration Factory to successfully migrate over 150,000 mailboxes in a span of just six months
  • A Fortune 20 conglomerate revamped server infrastructure, reduced cycle time for physical builds by 31% - virtual builds by 68%, and increased on-time delivery for physical builds by 63% by leveraging Microland's Migration and Deployment Factory