Desktop Virtualization Services

Robust Desktop Virtualization solutions for Enhanced End User Experience

An increasingly mobile workforce. Growing BYOD adoption. Rising security concerns. These evolving workplace trends are paving the way for rapid adoption of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Challenged to provide a superior end user experience and on-demand scalability, enterprises today look to desktop virtualization as a solution to their problems.

However, VDI deployment is far from smooth for most organizations. Challenges such as lack of right-fit user profile analysis, improper performance and scalability criteria, and poor post-deployment service management cause many VDI deployments to fail during enterprise wide deployments, though they work well at the pilot or proof-of-concept stage.

How We Help

Our Desktop Virtualization services (see Figure 1) enable end-to-end transformation by providing phase-wise solution accelerators that ensure hassle-free adoption.

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What You Can Expect

Our Desktop Virtualization services deliver measurable outcomes including:

  • On-time, seamless enterprise-wide transition
  • Consistent and superior user experience
  • On-demand scalability
  • Enhanced performance and security, and minimized risk through in-depth assessment
What Sets Us Apart

Our differentiators in VDI implementation include:

User Profile Aligned Implementation

  • Enabled by proprietary R-Assess framework and M-DaaS solution accelerator


  • Key to ensuring a service oriented approach for seamless VDI adoption

Extensive Experience

  • Our experience in design and deployment of several large-scale VDI projects means a very high probability that our consultants would have addressed scenarios applicable in your environment