DevOps Services

Accelerate Time-to-market with targeted DevOps services

In today's uber-competitive environment, delivering high-quality software on a short lead time is imperative for business success and survival. The traditional silo-ed approach to developing software leads to slow and prodigious releases.

DevOps facilitates integration and collaboration between development and operations teams. This leads to faster, and continual software deployments-to-market.

However, DevOps adoption requires prudent changes in organizational culture, process, and practice. Challenges abound in designing, deploying, and managing DevOps tool-chains.

How We Help

Microland's DevOps services (see Figure 1) facilitate adoption of the 'automate-and-version-control-everything' approach to drive integration and automation of toolsets, self-service portals, and SLA-driven services (remote and on-site).

DevOps Services
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Over 25+ years of expertise coupled with the knowledge of our AWS and DevOps process-trained engineers, we create successful DevOps environments.

What You Can Expect

Microland's cloud DevOps services deliver the following outcomes:

Maximize cloud investments

Through DevOps automation framework, continuous integration, cloud orchestration, and configuration tools, we maximize ROI of your DevOps environment

Cost Optimization

smartCenter and smartGovern frameworks enable cost-effective management of your multi-tools and multi-cloud DevOps environments

Faster turnaround

Employing DevOps best practices helps increase productivity and resilience

What Sets Us Apart

Microland has vast expertise in building DevOps environments on public and private clouds using open source and cloud native tools. Our differentiators include:

Proprietary toolset

  • smartGovern identifies cost optimization opportunities and enforces organization-specific governance and compliance requirements on AWS infrastructure
  • smartDevOps automates the complete development-to-release cycle

Extensive experience

  • We have the right competence to support complex delivery requirements