End user Environment Modernization services

Modernize Your Infrastructure. Transform End User Environment

Rapidly evolving technologies, service delivery models, and user demands are transforming the end user environment. In today's hyper-connected SMAC landscape, technologies and products that provide the underlying platform to manage the end user environment are undergoing a paradigm shift. A detailed infrastructure modernization strategy is a critical pre-requisite for organizations to ensure a seamless transformation with undisturbed business continuity.

How We Help

Our End User Environment Modernization services (see Figure 1) enable enterprises to:

  • Transform from legacy end user operating environment to a mobile, digital operating environment for seamless performance across endpoint devices
  • Setup enterprise application store APPSTORE portal for user-driven application deployment and management services
  • Protect organizational information against any security threats and possible data leakage
  • Provide multiple choices in user operating environments that address various user profiles and business needs
  • Align support policies through operationalization to ensure smooth IT operations
End user environment modernization
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Our operationalization framework (see Figure 2) aligns operational practices, functional processes, tools, and knowledge training of support functions.

End user environment modernization
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What You Can Expect

Our End User Environment Modernization Services enable:

  • Modern, agile, and collaborative end user operating environment
  • Faster provisioning of new workplace environment
  • Seamless, consistent user experience across multiple endpoint devices
  • Efficient asset management practices
  • Re-engineered desktop management processes that are device and user-aware and dynamically manage the environment
  • Improved compliance, uncompromising endpoint security, and data protection
What Sets Us Apart

Key differentiators include:

Vendor-Neutral Approach and Global Alliances:

  • Vendor and technology-agnostic solutions enable implementation of the right-fit technology at the right cost. Partnerships with technology leaders (Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware) strengthen our capabilities to provide cost-effective, risk-free services

Proprietary Assets:

  • Proven and pre-built assets including Operationalization framework and Business Value Benefit Assessment ensure a seamless development and modernization journey

Water Flow Managed Services Methodology:

  • Through automation we ensure continual process maturity and service performance improvements at each layer

Service-led IT Delivery:

  • Our core philosophy is to deliver IT-as-a-Service with a focus on the most important deliverable - a rich end user experience