Global Delivery Model

Global Delivery Model: Borderless, 24/7 Infrastructure Management.

Multi location projects. Major business changes. Delivery models that need to evolve with your transformation journey.

In today's world, a five-year managed services engagement goes through several changes due to variables related to how businesses are set up and how they respond to changing markets.

Adapting dynamically and aligning to these in a mission-critical infrastructure management services world is far more complex than traditional global delivery models (GDMs) in ADM world can handle.

So, how do you design an infrastructure services-centric GDM that adapts to changing business dynamics, leveraging what today's digital technologies enable? Microland's Global Delivery Model powered by the GATE (Governance led, Strategically Aligned, Transparent and flexible Engagement framework) holds the answer.

How is Microland's GDM different?

Microland's GDM is a framework that ensures guaranteed infrastructure managed services with high-levels of maturity, optimized costs using the right-shoring model and resource composition, and enhanced user experience with a focus on business service availability.

Microland Global delivery model

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The 10 Commandments of our GDM

Microland's GDM has evolved significantly from the first version in 2005. However, the ten fundamental principles of the framework remain unchanged.

  1. One Global Operation: GDM is an approach of building a strong, automated delivery back end for all global locations, or more appropriately a 'shared services organization for global operations' which enables seamless movement of resources across the world, leveraging standardized automation, and SIAM-driven processes.
  2. Information Security and Data Privacy: Technology such as Citrix-based access, standards such as ISO/SOX/HIPPA compliance based on industry verticals, out of band access for remote access using VPN, data encryption, etc., are embedded in Microland's service design to ensure 100% compliance to your data security needs and privacy regulations.
  3. Call Routing Infrastructure: We leverage cloud-based call routing infrastructure solutions to run Enterprise Service Desk - whether centralized or decentralized with due consideration of load-balancing required, creating one global team.
  4. Anytime-Anywhere Skill Pool: Microland's Virtual University labs coupled with online classrooms and training ensure that engineers have ample opportunity to enhance and test their skills or enroll for industry-standard certifications, all from their base location and at time zones convenient to them.
  5. Content Delivery Networks: These networks ensure a superior user experience through constant review of access, interface, and usage patterns.
  6. Service Integration and Tool Harmonization: : B2B integration with service provider partners such as telecom vendors and hands and feet partners is done through APIs. Intergration with various point tools as well as enterprise tool sets enable correlation, process simplification, and standardization to help drive wing- to- wing SLAs.
  7. Single Digital Window Unified global view of service performance through CIO dashboards integrating the entire vendor-partner ecosystem with a service management platform, service assurance, and service performance systems to provide real time business value.
  8. Technology Refresh Integrated with Managed Services: Our strong network of partners, centralized deployment and migration factories, and integrated tool sets drive technology refresh across product lifecycles and plug into managed services organizations at the appropriate transformation stage during engagement.
  9. Transformation Squads: We dynamically engage our team to proactively act on the operations analytics findings and drive business transformation.
  10. Backed by Robust Governance: Governance plays a key role in our approach and involves various stakeholders at all levels. Our three-tiered governance approach enables top-down direction-setting and bottom-up issue escalation.

Delivering Real Business Value

  • An FTSE 200 company enabled end-to-end service integration, vendor consolidation, process improvements, and achieves savings worth USD 15 million per annum using Microland's GDM.
  • A leading global professional services firm leveraged GDM to reduce deployment costs by 20%, ensure zero defects and zero downtime migration and delighted its end users.
  • A leading Mid-East bank ensured faster and smoother branch expansion, increased service availability and reduced TCO by 25% using GDM.