Predix is 'the' platform for Industrial Internet. Purpose-built for industry, 
it empowers organizations to develop, deploy and operate industrial apps— driving outcomes such as reduced unplanned downtime, improved asset output, and greater operational efficiency which leads to digital transformation.

But even the most established and well-run organizations often underestimate the challenges in making an important ‘datadriven’ transition in technology and business model. This transition will require new capabilities in software development and analytics. It will motivate the adoption—and nurturing—of new types of partners.

How We Help

As a GE Predix Alliance Partner with deep expertise in complex technology ecosystems, Microland has extensive experienced Industrial IoT Professionals certified in Predix and various other technologies to help organizations shorten time-to-value on their Predix digital transformation journey. Microland is a Predix Partner Alliance System Integrator and Independent Solution Vendor, offering a wing-to-wing portfolio of services across the entire Predix platform which include:

IIoT Predix Edge Professional Services

  • IIoT Predix Edge Deployment Services
  • IIoT Predix Edge Manage Services
  • IIoT Predix Edge Integration Services
  • IIoT Predix Edge Migration Services

IIoT Predix Application Professional Services

  • IIoT Predix App Deployment Services
  • IIoT Predix App Manage Services

IIoT Predix Application Development Services

  • IIoT Predix Dev Custom Build and Enhancement Services
  • IIoT Predix Dev Platform Migration Services
  • IIoT Predix Dev Integration Services
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What You Can Expect

As an outcome based service provider, our output is driven by outcomes which are delivered with:

  • Faster time-to-value: A dedicated and experienced team that understands the go-to market urgency and can effectively execute
  • Holistic, robust, and tailored solutions: Microland applies systems thinking methodologies and agile practices that helps create more holistic and robust solutions for your business
  • Successful adoption: Microland understands that success doesn’t end at build, but continues till an organization’s successful adoption of the solution and realising expected results
What Sets Us Apart
  • Outcome based partnership: Microland believes true success is only achievable if our client succeeds. So we engage with enterprises as long-term partners and our goal is to deliver valuable outcomes for them
  • Continuous Improvement Model: Embedded in our culture is a strive for continuous improvement in every aspect of our business. We are always embarking on new technologies and making impactful efficiencies through changes and automation
  • Extensive experience in end-to-end services: For decades, Microland has been providing extensive technology services from design, plan, build, deploy, manage, and decommissioning services. We understand the complexity and life-cycle of enterprise solutions