LANaaS: On-demand, secure and always available networks

Rapid technology advancements and competitive pressures make it imperative for organizations to modernize and optimize their network infrastructure while minimizing costs. However, managing a typical local area network (LAN) environment involves high CapEx, besides other challenges such as engaging multiple vendors, managing procurement, tools and network standardization, and ensuring security. Companies are therefore looking for on-demand network optimization solutions that offer the flexibility to ramp network bandwidth up or down, as required.

As is the case with Infrastructure-as-a-service and Software-as-a-service, services are taking center stage when it comes to building and maintaining modern networks. LAN-as-a-service (LANaaS) enables enterprises to evolve from a hardware/software to a services model. It offers the much required scalability and flexibility, eliminating the need to constantly deploy new technology.

How We Help

Microland's LAN-as-a-Service (LANaaS) offering is stacked with LAN networking hardware and managed services in a flexible consumption model. It reduces network complexity and enables standardization, while enhancing business flexibility and security. Microland retains ownership of the enterprise networking infrastructure and delivers it as a service on a subscription model, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) for enterprises. While LANaaS is deployed at customers' premises, Microland monitors, manages and delivers the services through managed components.

Here are some highlights of our offering:


With our services, you have the flexibility to pay-per-site, per-device and/or per-port. By paying only for the components you use, we help you transition from a CapEx to an OpEx model.

End-to-end network solution

We act as the single point of contact for all your networking needs by comprehensively addressing the complete lifecycle requirements, simplifying network management and allowing you to focus on your core business.

Risk managed transition

Over 20 years of network optimization experience enables us to take the risk out of network transitions and ensure uninterrupted business services.

LAN as a Service
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What You Can Expect

Microland’s managed LANaaS includes LAN equipment provision, monitoring, and management for all your sites. Each site profile includes:

LAN as a Service
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What Sets Us Apart

Microland’s LANaaS is a stack of services that bundles comprehensive services into one convenient and cost effective offering. Our extensive global experience translates into the following key differentiators:

Managed services experience

We have proven experience in providing end-to-end managed network services for enterprise wired and wireless LAN infrastructure, including that of Fortune 20 clients. Our Project Management Office (PMO) handles approximately 2,500 network build, procurement planning, acquisition and divestiture projects every year.

Design and process transformation

Leveraging our extensive domain expertise, we have developed several pre-built tools and artifacts that drive design and process enhancements, thereby giving you a competitive edge.

Integrated service management

Our analytics based operations orchestration, comprehensive workflow automation, and virtual labs for PoC testing and validation, have helped clients save up to USD 50 million in LAN and WAN management.

Global presences, local reach

Our global alliances with service providers who have strong OEM relationships and proven network to deliver predictive SLAs help you drive seamless local operations.