LAN Management Services

Optimize Your Network Design and Performance through LAN Management Services

Emergence of services such as unified communications, virtualization, consolidation, and converged networks are placing greater demands on active LAN infrastructure. The challenge is greater for organizations with a LAN infrastructure distributed across several countries. Enterprises require a specialist partner to manage multiple vendors and technologies.

How We Help

Microland's LAN Management services (components in Figure 1) span all aspects of network monitoring and management including:

  • Wired LAN Management Services
  • Wireless LAN Management Services
  • Datacenter Network Management Services
  • Network Monitoring-as-a-Service
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What You Can Expect

We deliver five primary outputs including:

  • Faster time-to-value through standardization of network architecture, categorizations of environment according to business needs, building design catering to requirements, and ensuring consistent configurations across various LAN components such as LAN/ WLAN/ Datacenter LAN
  • Risk mitigation through provisioning, activation of LAN and WLAN , and enabling services which allow configurations backup and IOS standardization, user management and mass change management through automation-driven solutions enabling mass commissioning and de-commissioning of user ports
  • Handover to operations including network diagram, documentation, vendor information, and support details. We provide proactive and reactive support using Microland IPs spanning ITIL standards, specialization, and reporting. Dashboards provide a structured end-to-end view of network services across your IT infrastructure
  • Improved Operational Efficiency through optimization across people, processes, and products. Microland's IP includes Auto Ticketing, Work Flow Automation, and Smart Dashboards
  • Flexible Operating Model enabled by availability across geographies ensures greater reach. We understand that different components of LAN management require varied SLAs and the appropriate support structure
What Sets Us Apart

Our key differentiators in LAN management include:

In-depth knowledge

  • As a specialist infrastructure services provider, we accurately comprehend the relationship between infrastructure and your Line of Business (LoB)

Global reach

  • We deliver universally and quickly through partnerships giving you greater coverage

End-to-end Network Services

  • Constructive collaboration across technology platforms for a consistent user experience


  • The right combination of on-site offshore talent improves profitability

Competence across technologies

  • We understand the diversity in Network, Wireless, Voice, Security, Cloud, Hardware, User Management, Network Management, Active and Passive Monitoring etc. Technologies supported include Wired/Wireless LAN, Datacenter LAN, LAN and WLAN Design, Datacenter Design (Converged Networks), Borderless Network

Cost-effective services

  • Outcome-driven delivery model ensures stable and predictable costing