Managed Services in-a-Box

Reduced costs, Increased productivity and Collaboration with Cloud Migration.

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) need to be singularly focused on business operations & growth and are strong in their domain of business. They are under continuous pressure to keep their IT infrastructure in top condition to take products and services to the market as fast as their larger counterparts. However, they typically lack the internal skills to manage IT at such a level and to ensure that IT infrastructure evolves with business demand. To overcome these challenges, they need a managed service which is cost effective, while keeping investment and management overheads at minimum

How We Help

Microland's Managed Services in-a-box, provides cost-effective services to manage all towers of IT infrastructure for SMBs. This includes service desk, datacenter, networks and IT security, application operations, end user, and cloud environments. The service is delivered from Microland's state-of-the-art shared services delivery center. Figure 1 describes our service delivery approach.

Managed Services in a Box
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What You Can Expect

Our Managed Services in-a-box delivers the following outcomes:

  • Pre-packaged basket of services which provides multiple options for different service components to suit the customer’s requirements
  • Easy and fast on-boarding with a pre-defined, risk-managed HOTS (handover to operations) methodology, that enables on-boarding to happen within four to six weeks
  • High service quality that has been is benchmarked with G2000 customers serviced by Microland
  • Reduced cost with a pay-as-you-use pricing model
  • Transparent operations providing complete visibility of live operations and service performance on a continuous basis
What Sets Us Apart
  • Proprietary smartCenter IT services management platform with workflows aligned to ITIL V3 best practices and enabling efficient operations
  • Proprietary smartCenter Operations Insight Manager (OIM) platform that uses predictive analytics to increase infrastructure availability and performance
  • Real-time CXO view of operations including service and technology performance views
  • IT process automation platform minimizing, and in most cases, eliminating the need for human intervention for managing transactions to provide a more reliable, predictable and cost-effective service
  • Pricing based on each device so that you have predictable, pay-as-you-go costs
  • Faster time to maturity, with significant improvements in service quality achieved in the first six months of operations
  • Low governance and management costs