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Get More Out of Your Messaging Environment

Email services form an active communication and collaboration channel in today's digitally-enabled businesses. With enterprises looking to increase operational flexibility, cloud-based email services are gaining popularity. However, most enterprises fail to assess if their existing IT infrastructure and data are equipped to handle the cloud email infrastructure and new security threats that come with being exposed to the external environment. The transition warrants for re-engineering of email infrastructure, revamping of operational processes, and re-skilling of IT support staff.

How We Help

Microland's Messaging / Email services (see Figure 1) efficiently manage even the most complex hybrid email infrastructures to ensure a seamless communication experience and improved compliance.

Messaging Sercices
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What You Can Expect

Leveraging deep domain expertise and our dedicated center of excellence, we deliver outcomes including:

  • Modern email infrastructure architecture that combines predictability and security of on-premise email, with the agility and flexibility of the cloud-based solution
  • Seamless migration to the new email infrastructure with zero data and productivity loss at an optimal cost
  • Operationalization of modern hybrid email infrastructure enabled by rolling out updated operational policies, configuration, and procedures
  • Improved security through implementation of security controls and policies aligned to organizational standards
  • Email archival and retention through requisite technology and policy implementation
  • Email ecosystem monitoring and management for improved compliance, performance, user experience, and availability
What Sets Us Apart

Our key differentiators are highlighted in Figure 2.

Messaging Sercices
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Unmatched Experience:

  • We manage some of the world's largest private email (Microsoft Exchange / O365 technologies) messaging ecosystems and bring in best practices from those experiences to your environments

Migration and Deployment Factory:

  • Enables seamless mail migration with robust processes and tools, supporting variable workloads

TCO Reduction:

  • We right-shore your 24/7 operations, leveraging our significant offshore presence, to reduce your cost of email management by 30-40%