Network Build-as-a-Service

Delivering Operational Excellence with Comprehensive Network Management Services

Enterprises need on-demand scalability to match aggressive business needs. In addition, emerging trends such as the cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are placing additional demands on network infrastructure. Network infrastructure is therefore required to be flexible and accommodate dynamic technology needs while ensuring no compromise in cost and speed.

How We Help

Microland's Network Design and Build-as-a-Service (NaaS) addresses the challenges enterprises face with respect to network infrastructure and fulfills your wing-to-wing requirements through a complete package of network solutions catering to office consolidation, acquisition, divestiture, rooftop integration, or technology upgrade. By delivering flawlessly across geographies, collaborating with multiple vendors, and executing on time, NaaS brings huge efficiencies to your network administration.

The service has three components - Create-and-Control, Standardization, and Reporting & Billing.

The Create-and-Control component handles network activities such as architecture, design, provisioning, activation, de-activation, and maintenance of LAN and WAN service components.

The Standardization component stabilizes the infrastructure with streamlined software solutions and hardware.

The Reporting and Billing component performs service level management through real-time updates on performance statistics.

The three components together support multiple technologies and site facility management functions. Figure 1 highlights the various functions supported.

Network Build as a Service
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What You Can Expect

Our NaaS solution ensures seamless infrastructure management by standardizing asset configurations, enhancing operational visibility to all stakeholders, and enabling better decision-making. Key outputs include:

  • Customized solutions depending on the size and purpose of your office site. A regular branch office may require a combination of LAN, WAN, and wireless LAN equipment and services whereas a company headquarters would need policy management, additional security, application optimization, and high availability
  • End-to-end solution spanning network build and decommissioning to closure
  • Cost optimization through pay-per-project model. By calculating costs only on the deployed resources, you avoid paying high fixed costs. We also ensure redeployment of unused infrastructure to maximize productivity and cost gains
What Sets Us Apart

Our unique differentiators include:

Comprehensive Domain Knowledge

  • Our decade long experience and competence across technologies including network, wireless, voice, security, and cloud accelerates output

Global Operating Model

  • We provide comprehensive support and coverage across geographies

Collaborative Approach

  • Our collaborative model involving multiple stakeholders such as service chain partners, hardware suppliers, and internal teams helps resolve issues quickly