VMware and Microland Alliance Profile

Industry Experts Collaborate to Take Virtualization to the Next Level

The enterprise IT today is increasingly resorting to datacenter transformation, desktop virtualization, and cloud computing to provide a flexible work environment to its employees. However, adopting the right strategy to create a robust virtual environment while ensuring cost optimization is a challenge. VMware's one-cloud, any-application and any-device architecture makes it the preferred choice to implement unified hybrid cloud environment and virtualizing infrastructure. Some of the biggest brands have leveraged VMware for its increased security, reliability and hardware independence capability for transforming datacenters and enabling IT departments to deliver next-generation IT services.

Microland's comprehensive portfolio of VMware services helps identify IT requirements, customize the VMware product suite and integrate it seamlessly with traditional ecosystems, thereby optimizing returns on end-to-end VMware environment. As a VMware alliance partner, we draw on our wealth of experience to address virtualization and cloud needs in a results-driven manner that help businesses become more agile and profitable.

Accelerating Your VMware Journey

Microland's professional services for VMware solutions span three key areas SDDC, End User Computing, and Mobility.

  1. Software Defined Datacenter
    SDDC, Virtualization, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Cloud Automation, and Operations Management - services to help adopt VMware vRealize suite of products and emerging capabilities, including network virtualization (VMware NSX) and software-defined storage (VMware Virtual SAN).
  2. End User Computing
    Virtualized desktop implementation, expanding existing virtualization solution to current desktop environment, or standardizing on desktop virtualization across entire IT infrastructure.
  3. Mobility
    Comprehensive range of EMM solutions for the enterprise.

Our end-to-end VMware solutions help you in:

  • Reducing cost
  • Boosting agility
  • Automating application environment
  • Reviving infrastructure
  • Empowering mobility
  • Enhancing end user experience
  • Improving business efficiency
  • Enhancing business continuity
Microland Services: Maximizing Value from Microsoft Technologies

Our bouquet of services helps you transform your datacenter, enhance enterprise mobility, and improve end user experience through seamless adoption of VMware at reduced costs. We optimize your VMware environment by leveraging Now2Cloud framework that helps you select the right cloud technologies, integrate product suite with ITSM tools, and perform DV environment optimization and readiness evaluation.

We create a roadmap through our IP solutions, and rapidly deploy SDDC, mobility and end user computing platforms. Our team helps you implement cloud automation and adopt the VMware vRealize suite of products and emerging capabilities, including network virtualization (VMware NSX) and software-defined storage (VMware Virtual SAN).


A leading global mobile insurance company used Microland's services to implement an SDDC environment with automated DevOps to improve on-boarding time, reduce infrastructure provisioning time and enhance time to market.

  • Reduced infrastructure and platform provisioning time from two months to two hours
  • Reduced package release time from two months to three hours
  • Enabled service stack provisioning in five-six hours

Microland's alliance with VMware enables enterprises to implement a robust virtualized environment, optimize the existing virtual environment and standardize desktop virtualization across infrastructure.

Microland's holistic VMware services are offered across the following four phases:

Implement, Operationalize and Optimize

  • Deploy business model changes needed to deliver benefits of AWS including addressing wider challenges beyond the AWS such as non-AWS workloads
  • Create Proofs of Concept, logically plan and structure the migration, and execute it using tool-enabled and experience-based approaches
  • Analyze and improve the existing environment and transfer best practices knowledge
Microland Edge: Enabling Robust VMware Environment

Our unique management frameworks and tools help manage your VMware environment across the lifecycle, leading to improved agility. Some of the other distinct advantages we bring to the table include:

Profound VMware expertise
Our team of VMware-trained architects helps you build and design an optimized VMware environment. We have unmatched expertise on a range of VMware solutions that gives your enterprise an unparalleled competitive advantage. Being one of the key white-labeled partners for VMware, we help you significantly transform and optimize your VMware environment

Wide-ranging domain knowledge
We have successfully delivered more than 500 projects while ensuring uptime. Our expertise in managing complex and varied VMware environments has helped us achieve 4.89 CSAT rating.


A Fortune 20 American conglomerate with 20,000 users, leverages Microland's services to optimize VDI environment and boost business efficiency

  • Developed operationalization framework
  • Defined cost model
  • Developed toolkits

Maximizing ROI
We ensure on-time delivery and optimized ROI by clearly defining the project scope, ensuring expert assistance, and deploying a hybrid delivery model and Microland IP.

Proprietary Assets

Our pre-built framework and tools such as Now2Cloud, smartEMRA, smartOrchestration smartWrap and smartMPASS enable you to efficiently migrate and drive value from your VMware environment.

Minimizing AWS investments while maximizing returns
By clearly defining the project scope, ensuring expert assistance, and deploying a hybrid delivery model and solution accelerators, we ensure on time delivery and optimized returns for a fraction of the total cost. We also help you efficiently and optimally manage resources in multiple AWS accounts.