Focus Solely on Business Growth. Leave Your SaaS Infrastructure Management to Us.

Organizations that offer Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or have offerings that follow a similar model must meet dynamic business and security needs and manage strict regulatory requirements. They must deliver a high performance service that is also highly reliable. To manage IT operations in a highly reliable and efficient manner, SaaS providers need development and operations teams that are tightly integrated. For an exceptional end user experience, which is critical to the success of SaaS providers, the computing and network infrastructure, including the telecom components, must be managed in unison with application operations. You require the expertise of a managed service provider in managing SaaS infrastructure to deliver high performing, reliable services consistently.

How We Help

Microland has extensive experience in managing IT infrastructure for different types of IT operations and also in running highly process-driven operations. Our SaaS Infrastructure Management services (see Figure 1) strikes the right balance between operations and development to ensure seamless management.

Network Consulting Services
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What You Can Expect

Microland's managed services for SaaS infrastructure management enhances user experience by helping you focus solely on improving applications according to business requirements without the need to manage them on a day-to-day basis. Our managed services deliver the following benefits:

  • Enhanced user experience with IT infrastructure and application operations delivered from the same desk, providing tight integration of operations
  • Faster and seamless management of transactions with handling of level one operations at a single desk and first-time-right allocation of transactions to the groups
  • Enhanced agility by helping customers focus on business growth with our support and to scale IT operations as and when required
  • Improved operational transparency with round-the-clock live feed on service performance
  • Higher uptime with proactive identification and faster resolution of issues, with operations based on business service maps, coupled with IT operations analytics feeds providing a single pane of view
What Sets Us Apart

What sets Microland's managed services apart for SaaS infrastructure management are our IT process automation platforms for orchestration of operations workflows. These platforms enable faster turnaround times for incident management and for frequent application request fulfillment. Other key differentiators of our managed services include:

  • Real time CXO view of operations including service and technology performance views

  • Partner approach for reviewing architecture during on-boarding, and thereafter according to demand, to assess business continuity for SaaS applications

  • Ability to integrate next-generation technologies including cloud and digital media

  • Half yearly review of signed SLAs, which is an industry first, and the ability to redefine SLAs based on business growth projections