SDDC Services

Decoding the SDDC Approach Is The Next Step in Datacenter Management

In an increasingly cloud-based environment, Software Defined DataCenter (SDDC) is the next step in datacenter evolution that extends the scope of virtualization beyond computing to network and storage. It virtualizes datacenter services enabling unprecedented resilience, automation, and agility. Embracing SDDC enables organizations to:

  • Increase agility in provisioning and management of datacenter resources
  • Easily integrate and manage heterogeneous datacenter environments
  • Automate policy-based enforcement of security and compliance
  • Easily implement DevOps environment
  • Configure a modular automation framework for on-demand, automated self-service access
  • Leverage hybrid cloud for integration of traditional datacenter components with private and public cloud environments
  • Improve utilization of commodity hardware for optimized costs

However, switching from a traditional datacenter to SDDC is a complex task. Successful implementation of SDDC requires identification and implementation of necessary automation to ensure seamless operations between the datacenter and legacy components. In addition, it encompasses:

  • Identifying and defining suitable use cases for SDDC adoption and selecting the OEM platform that best fits requirements
  • Building modular automation components for improved flexibility and creating a platform-agnostic solution
  • Integrating the SDDC with traditional datacenter infrastructure ecosystem elements to reduce overall time to provision infrastructure, platforms, and applications
  • Enabling DevOps and supporting agile application development by integrating SDDC environment with other DevOps enabling tools
  • Building a true hybrid cloud environment enabling access to resources both from private and public clouds
  • Extending governance and compliance of physical environment to SDDC environment through automation
How We Help

Microland's SDDC Lifecycle services (see Figure 1) help you effortlessly automate DevOps lifecycle phases to establish tight collaboration. We establish a true hybrid cloud environment that integrates your in-premises private cloud with the public cloud.

SDDC Life cycle services

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What You Can Expect

Our software-defined datacenter management services deliver the following competitive outcomes:

  • Significant reduction in deployment cycle time by leveraging proprietary smartOrchestration framework
  • Cost optimization by harnessing your existing investments in heterogeneous datacenter components
  • Time and manpower savings enabled by our hybrid delivery model, clear project scope definition and expertise assignment
What Sets Us Apart

Our differentiated capabilities in SDDC implementation include:

In-depth Expertise

  • As VMware's global professional services partner and a key white labeled partner, our SDDC implementations adhere to leading global standards

Proprietary Framework

  • smartOrchestration framework enables accelerated migration from traditional datacenter to SDDC

Successful Past Implementations

  • Strategic partnerships with leading vendors ensure successful project execution:
    • Partnered with VMware in designing and building more than 40 global VMware vCloud-based SDDC environments, hosting over 30,000 virtual servers
    • 100% on-time project completion with CSAT ratings of 4.89 for quality of expertise and implementation

On-demand Scalability

  • System integration and managed services expertise underpins the design and build of SDDC, End User Computing (EUC), and mobility environments for easy operationalization and Day 2 operations, improving scalability and agility