Security Services

The exponential growth in connected networks, devices, sensors, and systems increases IT infrastructure systems vulnerability to espionage and sabotage. Mitigating internal and external threats posed by hackers, terrorists, malware, and rogue systems is therefore a top priority for organizations today.

Our best-in-class IT Security services form an integral part of our Hybrid IT Infrastructure Management services. These include Unified Security Operations, Identity Access Management (IAM), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Security Device Management, Vulnerability Management, and Endpoint Security Management. Our integrated approach coupled with continuous risk assessment, evaluation, and mitigation help you respond effectively to evolving risks in today's technology landscape at optimized costs.

Unified security operation services

Unified Security
Operation Services

Evolving security challenges are pushing modern enterprises to seek robust, cost-effective solutions for protection of IT assets and sensitive data. Our Unified Security Operation services help you combat threat and enhance responsiveness and security without affecting business continuity.

security device management

Security Device
Management Services

A strong device management is critical for prevention of data leakage. Microland's end-to-end Security Device Management services enable agility, improve infrastructure security, and decrease response time.

IAM services

SIEM Services

Today's evolving threat landscape is pushing enterprises to adopt a holistic approach towards IT infrastructure security to safeguard sensitive information. Microland's SIEM service enables proactive threat mitigations by monitoring your security environment 24/7.

Enterprise vulnerability management

Enterprise Vulnerability
Management Services

Emerging technologies and associated infrastructure complexities are giving way to unforeseen security challenges. Microland's Enterprise Vulnerability Management (EVM) service helps you identify and remediate vulnerable systems in your infrastructure, web applications, mobile environment, and cloud.

end point security management

Endpoint Security
Management Services

Enforcing endpoint security is vital to securing sensitive data. Our Endpoint Security Device Management services enable daily monitoring, investigation, and in-depth analysis of malware, integration of antivirus, and configuration of endpoint centralized management server for complete security.