smartBranch SD-WAN and Security Services

Redefine network performance with secure and scalable SD-WAN services

Traditional WAN infrastructure limits the the speed and agility that today’s business operations demand. The way traditional WAN deployments are architected often result in lengthy and complex provisioning cycles and change intervals, in addition to frequent bandwidth upgrades of expensive MPLS circuits and CPE refresh. Moreover, the flow of internet traffic through perimeter security makes it difficult to introduce any new service into the forwarding path, negatively impacting the overall user experience.

Microland’s smartBranch SD-WAN and Security services address these challenges by cost-effectively connecting sprawling branch networks, using an ideal mix of transport technologies such as MPLS, internet or LTE to simplify network operations.

How We Help

Microland’s telco-agnostic smartBranch SD-WAN and Security services extend the control and security of centralized datacenters to remote Offices and branch locations (from WAN edge to LAN to desktop). smartBranch (see Figure 1) simplifies network operations by collapsing disparate branch networks into one platform, eliminating the need for complex third-party integrations.

Microland’s smartBranch Features
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Figure 1: Microland’s smartBranch Features

Microland’s smartBranch deployment cycle encompasses four stages: assess, design, transform and manage (see Figure 2).

Microland’s smartBranch Deployment Cycle

Figure 2: Microland’s smartBranch Deployment Cycle

Microland’s smartBranch solution clubbed with home grown automation & analytics platforms, the smartcenter and smartInsights, provide the right mix of services to combine the client’s ecosystem with a robust Vendor ecosystem thereby providing a one-stop integrated secure solution with end-to-end connectivity including all related software, hardware & circuits in an ‘as-a-service’ model.

Microland’s smartBranch
What You Can Expect

Microland’s smartBranch SD-WAN and Security services deliver fully orchestrated operations and significant business benefits such as:

  • Upto 80% reduction in infrastructure spends through augmented use of local high-speed, low cost internet connections and replacement of expensive CPE with x86 commodity hardware. High-cost specialized/fragmented security devices and infrastructure in traditional WAN are replaced with software, further compressing costs.
  • Upto 90% improvement in network agility and efficiency, with new sites becoming operational in days and changes taking effect in seconds. Complete use of provisioned bandwidth via active-active connections and improved application access via use of policy augments efficiencies.
  • Upto 500% increase in user satisfaction score through simplified networking and collapse of branch appliances into one platform, along with integrated security and analytics.
What Sets Us Apart

A fully-managed service, Microland’s smartBranch services connects users to applications regardless of hosting locations for a superior user experience. Some of the key differentiators of our services include:

  • Telco-agnostic network strategy: Ensures centralized access to global telcos and advanced SD-WAN via a single provider.
  • Unified security and advanced SD-WAN: Enables flexible and distributed network security by bringing it down to the edge i.e. the branch level, closest to its application. Provides on-demand flexibility to add/service chain security layers when needed.
  • Integrated orchestration and automation: Enables holistic integration of security and routing policy with enterprise IT systems, eliminating the need and expense of complex third-party integrations.
  • Comprehensive and robust branch support: Extending from WAN edge through LAN to desktop, Microland’s SD-WAN eliminates environmental fragility associated with traditional WAN and helps enterprises to completely rethink their digital network strategies.