SQL Services

Achieve Mission Critical Performance with SQL Database Migration Services

Mainstream support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 ended in April 2011 and it has been on extended support since then, which is due to end in April 2016. For organizations that are yet to upgrade, the end of extended support could translate into direct impact on the infrastructure and on the business in terms of:

  • Lack of security updates
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Compliance concerns
How We Help

Microland's SQL Database Migration services (details in Figure 1) mitigate potential risks by migrating to a modern data platform with Microsoft SQL Server 2014. We leverage our award winning factory-led migration model that can be customized to your business objectives.

Database Migration Approach
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Through these 3 steps, Microland helps you:

  • Discover: Categorize applications and workloads by inventorying assets, running the MAP toolkit, and consulting the SQL Server Upgrade Advisor.
  • Target: Identify destinations which may include on-premises SQL Server 2014 machines, Azure VMs, and Azure SQL databases.
  • Upgrade: Make the move by engaging a team of experts through a customized or remote factory-led model, backed by in-house developed IP and years of experience in managing databases for large FTSE 250 customers and other industry leaders.
What You Can Expect

Microland's database migration services enable:

Mission critical performance: Key competencies include in-memory capabilities across all workloads including OLTP, DW and BI. These lead to:

  • Breakthrough in-memory performance
  • Scalable across compute, networking and storage

Faster data insights: We help leverage SQL 2014 BI capabilities, including the ability to shape and manage data with analysis services and scale BI models with tools like Master Data Services and Data Quality Services. These enable:

  • Easy access to data
  • BI with the familiarity of Office - realizing the cloud's potential
  • A complete BI solution

Data platform optimization across on-premise and cloud: Microland's SQL Server 2014 migration provides a great platform for Hybrid Cloud. It enables new hybrid cloud solution, such as backup to cloud, HA to cloud as well as other hybrid scenarios that can help you reduce costs and improve on-premises DR. These lead to:

  • Easy on-ramp to cloud
  • Hybrid cloud scenarios - the best of on-premise and cloud
  • Complete and consistent platforms and tools
What Sets Us Apart

Key domain differentiators include:

Mission Critical Scalability across Physical and Virtual Environments

  • Microland's deployment of SQL Server 2014 with WS 2012 and WS 2012 R2 ensures seamless migration and enhanced scalability leveraging award winning features built in the product

Mission Critical Standards of Data Availability

  • Mission critical is all about the 9's when it comes to High Availability and with SQL Server 2014, we have improvised the customer favorite Always On feature to give you the 9's needed for mission critical applications

Mission Critical Support

  • We function as an extended arm of your organization to continuously monitor, manage, and ensure optimal database performance and support in case of issues or failures