Storage Management Services


The cost of data storage is spiraling with proliferation of big data, emergence of cloud technologies, and explosion in data volumes. Cost-effective management and archiving of data while ensuring security, real time retrieval, and rescue, typically proves to be a challenge for enterprises.

How We Help

Microland understands the costs involved in managing data as well as its value in powering your enterprise. We provide comprehensive storage management services (see Figure 1), right from provisioning storage for business requirements to decommissioning storage, regardless of your storage and fabric environment. Our storage services portfolio includes architecture, design and deployment of solutions on core storage systems such as EMC, NetApp, Pure, and Hitachi. We perform cross-platform consolidations, migrations, and system buildouts aimed at maximizing Return On Investment (ROI) on data investments. We also provide real time insights into availability, performance, and capacity along with detailed reports on trend analysis.

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What You Can Expect

Our storage services seamlessly integrate with your virtual environment to enhance storage performance and deliver outcomes including:

  • Maximized ROI through scalable solutions that reduce cost of storage infrastructure
  • Minimized data storage sprawl enabled by complete automation of storage environment to reduce human dependency and scope of errors
  • Improved visibility and control of critical information, enabling nimble business decisions
  • Improved disaster-preparedness enabling quick retrieval and rescue when required
What Sets Us Apart

Microland helps you build a robust, agile, and scalable data storage environment. Our unique differentiators include:

Services-led IT framework aligned to your business needs:

  • Our delivery model is structured to meet and exceed all SLAs around storage management - be it provisioning, decommissioning or expansions. Services-led IT framework provides direction and process control methods on successful and critical operations in the datacenter segment

Proprietary assets:

  • Our datacenter services playbook contains detailed procedural documents and structures around managing storage infrastructure. Our smartCenter tool enables predicative determination of when a probable impact can occur in a pre-determined time frame and provides directions that are automated to ticketing procedures. This helps us manage and provide agile operational processes for any kind of storage infrastructure. All these activities require limited interaction with end users and we ensure a seamless experience throughout the information lifecycle

Successful past deployments:

  • We have a documented history of deploying successful storage solutions for managing core infrastructure