Transformation Framework

Bend the Cost Curve with Low Risk, High Payoff Managed Transformation

Meeting SLAs and leveraging off-shoring labor arbitrage is a given in today's managed services engagements. However, in today's cash strapped scenario, the larger challenge faced by enterprises is around seamlessly transforming and securing a rich user experience while controlling budgets at the same time. MOTIF - Microland's Operations Transformation and Integration Framework holds the answer.

Having achieved 100% success rate for Microland in the Managed Services domain, this proprietary framework drives excellence in executing value-oriented transformations. At a time when customer engagement durations for managed services contracts are shrinking across the globe, leveraging MOTIF has helped us strengthen our customer relationships with some spanning as long as fifteen years and more!

MOTIF - It's the Way We Work

We are committed to building, executing, and staying with you as a trusted partner in your transformation journey and leveraging MOTIF is how we do it. MOTIF brings together all of Microland's consulting frameworks, automation models, tools, IPs, and experience as deemed relevant in defining a transformation roadmap. Based on the client requirement and scenario, our experts may implement a migration factory model, or Now2Cloud strategy, or Automation maturity model, or sometimes all of these frameworks combined.

Implementing MOTIF is based on a 4 x 4 x 4 model based on:

  • 4D philosophy - The way in which service and engagement models are defined.
  • CASE methodology - The way in which technology and operations processes are transformed.
  • The GOAL framework - The way leadership drives desired outcomes on an ongoing basis.
The 4D Philosophy - Defining Service Architecture and Engagement model for Transformation

This philosophy (details in Figure 1) drives the quintessential objective of MOTIF i.e. to build a transformation journey aligned to business outcomes.

4D Philosophy

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The CASE methodology - Transforming IT Operations and IT Architecture in the Journey

Leveraging the four pillars of this in-house methodology (details in Figure 2) to Centralize, Automate, Standardize, and Enhance (CASE), Microland streamlines operations processes and redesigns the underlying technology architecture.

Case methodology

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The GOAL Framework - Driving Excellence in Execution

The four-step GOAL framework (details in Figure 3) ensures the team is continuously aligned and driven to go beyond business as usual performance.

Goal Framework

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MOTIF Highlights Real World Examples, Real Business Value

  • MOTIF is at the heart of Microland's committed ongoing partnership spanning fourteen years with an American multinational Fortune 20 conglomerate
  • One of North America's largest providers of integrated environmental solutions leveraged MOTIF to reduce major incident response time by 65%, ensure 99.9% service availability, and increase CSAT score from 86% to 95% consistently in just two years
  • A general insurance major leveraged MOTIF to increase SLA compliance for response and resolution time to a consistent 98%, reduce major incidents from 46 to 7 in just four months, and increase CSAT scores to 4.9 on a scale of 5

Beyond Cost-Cutting

MOTIF is positioned at the intersection of business and technology. It drives true transformation that transcends cost-cutting to deliver competitive advantage through swifter, simpler, and more flexible responses, and rigorous process execution across the enterprise to ensure certainty of outcomes.