Unified Security Operation Services

Safeguard Your Enterprise from Current and Future Attacks with Managed Security Services

Emerging trends in cloud technologies, big data, mobility, and Internet of Things (IoT) are increasing the complexity of IT infrastructure. This places businesses at serious risk of sophisticated and targeted attacks. Security programs operating in silos become highly vulnerable in the face of coordinated attacks. Changing technology paradigms, shrinking budgets, operational complexities, and lack of security skills add to the challenges CIOs face, deflecting their focus from core business functions.

Enterprises thus need an expert partner to manage their security operations with a unified approach. Unified security operations imply integration of multiple departments to collaborate, identify, and mitigate current and possible future attacks.

How We Help

We provide robust, unified, and end-to-end managed security services (see Figure 1) to ensure round-the-clock protection of your IT assets. Our security platforms, tools, world-class technologies, and processes provide seamless unified security management for total assurance - helping you focus on your core business. We provide a bird's-eye view of risks and security posed to your management using integrated custom dashboards.

managed security services
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What You Can Expect

We make our Unified Security Operations services integral to your overall infrastructure management to deliver the following outputs:

  • Faster and more effective responses to security incidents enabled by mature workflows and well-defined processes
  • Improved security and compliance through 24/7 real-time security monitoring, collaboration, and security device optimization to ensure maximum uptime and availability
  • Significantly lower capital and operational costs through ITIL-based versatile smartCenter and real-time customer dashboards that minimize your decision and response time, and effectively mitigate security threats
What Sets Us Apart

Our customized web portal provides you a 360-degree view of security and compliance for better reporting and insights. Our service differentiators include:

Comprehensive Approach

  • Our end-to-end unified security management enables seamless coordination between your infrastructure and security teams to effectively handle any major security breaches

Vendor-agnostic Approach

  • Our global partnerships with leading industry vendors gives you the strong advantage of best-of-breed solutions customized to your needs, at the most advantageous costs

Expert Professionals

  • Our certified professionals and proven experience in managing large-scale security operations give you the strength and robustness needed for agile business growth