WAN Management Services

Embrace Managed WAN Services for all Your Network Needs

In today's dynamic IT environment, speed and ease of information exchange is critical for business performance. Managing and securing network traffic between sites and partners over Wide Area Network (WAN) is important to remain productive. An effective IT WAN strategy should center around security and optimization, to ensure a secure and robust network at an optimized cost.

How We Help

Microland's Managed WAN services enable secure, consistent, and efficient connectivity. We have designed, built, and run multiple enterprises' WAN networks. We have a strong portfolio of people, processes, and technology for end-to-end WAN management. Our services combine all aspects of design, deployment, operation, and optimization as highlighted below:

Technology Areas

  • WAN Circuits and Optimizers
  • WAN Monitoring
  • Network Optimization Service
Managed WAN
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What You Can Expect

Our WAN management solution delivers the following key outputs:

  • Accelerated returns through standardized network architecture, WAN environment categorization, and designs built to address WAN requirements across segments like home and small office, regional and corporate datacenters
  • Efficient WAN management including MPLS/VPN/L2/L3 Links using smartCenter. We coordinate with multiple vendors to ensure consistent SLA delivery
  • Microland IP includes auto-ticketing, workflow automation, and smart dashboards. We increase efficiency through:
    • Automation and correlation capabilities that accommodate routine WAN issues eliminating multiple interventions, reducing cycle time
    • Optimization framework that optimizes capacity utilization using QoS, aligned with Application platforms
    • Passive and proactive monitoring of network elements using tools like IP SLA for end-to-end application performance visibility
  • A flexible operating model caters to varied SLAs and support structure for diverse WAN components and are available across geographies
  • Standardization ensures security, logging, and compliance parameters are implemented consistently. WAN optimization, vulnerability, and problem management enable efficient risk mitigation
What Sets Us Apart

Our key differentiators include:

Global availability

  • Ability to deliver universally and quickly through partnerships enabling greater reach and coverage

Wing-to-wing services

  • End-to-end link uptime. SLAs facilitated from B2B integration with service management platforms of telcos and structured vendor management

TCO Reduction

  • Enabled by leveraging offshore NOCs in India and sharp focus on bandwidth optimization