Windows 10 Migration


Simplify Windows 10 Migration and Enhance User Experience

Microsoft positions Windows 10 as a modern, more secure and unified client operating system that can be deployable across variety of end point devices. By adapting to Windows 10, enterprise users will have seamless and unified experience across devices and user mobility helps enterprises to increase productivity. However, migrating to Windows 10 is a complex process. It requires significant upgrades of the end user environment platform for enterprises to improve end point device management, support modern application, and facilitate image engineering.

How We Help

Microland's Windows 10 Migration services (see Figure.1) enable efficient upgrade of the end user operating environment and the supporting platform. Deployed in a phased manner, our Windows Migration services ensure zero data loss and maximum user productivity. Comprehensive project management and governance procedures ensure timely completion of each work package, thus optimizing cost and performance efficiencies.

Windows 10
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Figure 2 highlights our delivery methodology for seamless Windows 10 migration

Windows 10
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What You Can Expect

Microland's comprehensive automated approach ensures easy, quick, and seamless Windows 10 migration. Key outcomes include:

  • Reduced migration cost by leveraging the capabilities of our highly skilled engineers and reusable automation scripts and processes. Our ability to ramp-up resources on demand further brings down the cost
  • Enhanced business operations through our operationalization framework that deploys the right set of operational process and procedures developed to support enterprise IT functions
  • Reduced manual processes through self-service migration scheduler
What Sets Us Apart

Our notable partnership with Microsoft, as its ‘Best IT Infrastructure Services Partner in India for eight consecutive years puts us in a unique position to offer superior migration services. We co-invest and collaborate with Microsoft to leverage their best practices while adding service layers to suit the requirements of large enterprises. The key differentiators that we bring to the table include:

Extensive Experience

  • Over 25 years of experience in migrating and managing over half a million desktops and users enables us to roll out Windows 10 and integrate it into the client's IT infrastructure seamlessly

Unique Processes

  • Our comprehensive application discovery, compatibility assessment, remediation, and repackaging process as well as zero touch migration process enable improved service delivery

Quality Assurance

  • We ensure high quality by deploying our comprehensive pre and post-migration quality assurance checklists